Our online fashion boutique is a small family business that was created with an idea to offer you something really special. We are happy that thanks to our selection of feminine styles, exceptional quality of products and dedicated service provided to our customers, our relatively new store is quickly becoming more and more popular.

We don’t have hundreds of items because we are always trying to find something particular to be presented in our store. With an emphasis on quality, vibrant colours, and elegant embellishments, CLADDIO clothes allow every woman to look and feel her best, regardless of her shape or size. 

Along with our style, CLADDIO deepest and most sincere intention is to provide goods of the best quality that are still affordable. Our prices are up to 90% lower than initial retail prices because most of the products available on our website are of limited stock, as they are the final remaining items from the designers’ collections. These unique pieces, brought mainly from Italy, are not only offered at the lowest discount prices but also are especially rare in Australia, as many of the brands we offer were not distributed to this part of the world and can be bought only from us.

We also strive to get products that not only look and feel amazing but are of a natural and high-quality fabric such as cotton and silk, so you may rest assured that any product on our site is fashionable and comfortable. A noticeable characteristic of our clothes is the hard-to-forget designs and prints as well as the remarkable embroidery or embellishment with rhinestones and sequins. You can be sure that whenever you are wearing an item from CLADDIO, it is unlikely to meet anyone with a dress like yours.